Derrick Rose

Derrick Martell Rose was born on october 4,1988 he is a NBA basketball player. He grew up in englewood area which was the most dangerous neighboorhood in chicago southside.He is the youngest in his family all of his siblings were talented in basketball.Who taught him and helped him with basketball.He began to stick out by the time he enrollled in simeon career academy in 2003 he played on the JV team and varsity he wore number 25 representing Benji Wilson which was a good ball player who was murdered in a gang during his senior year.Derrick Rose lead his team to state championship two years in a row he would score atleast 24points and assist 10 and his rebounds 10. his junior year 2006 he won in his division of chicago public league at the united center. where rose started at 25 points and pleasing dunks. which they won the whole class AA state championship.entering his senior year derrick rose was fifth best prospect in the nation. his stats for his high school year were 2003 through 2004 were gp:25 gs:25 spg:2.1 rpg.4.7He played for university of memphis for 1 year. he was first pick in the draft for the chicago bulls in 2008.he was the overall best pointgard since allen iverson since 1996 would subsequently win NBA rookie of the award.derrick rose was named NBA mvp of the year. he was the youngest to win it.