The whole world is filled with flora and fauna (plants and animals). There are many types of flora and fauna life. We will start with one of the two.

Plants (flora) are in most of the world. Antarctic doesn't have any plant life because it is to cold for plant life. But animals live everywhere from desert, to tropics, to the freezing tundra. Many of the climates have plants that grow with color or just little plant life that climate can carry. All plants need water in order to live, no matter how much water. A cactus can live in the DESERT with little water unlike a raintree which lives in the RAINFOREST! Same as animals, they live in climate that suites them. For example a mountain goat lives in the mountains and a lion lives in the savana. Animals are like plants, in order for them to live they have to be in the perfect weather, climate, and area with food for them to eat. You can't put a snow owl in the jungle or a kangaroo in the Arctic! They have to live where it is perfect weather and background. They use camouflage in their environment that they live in.

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