Putting the "MUSCLE" in muscle cars.

Hello random person reading this webbsite! This webbsite is about ,CAR, so if you like cars, you will like the site I am making.I really like old cars like the '69 Charger.The General Lee named after the American General. Anyway it was used in the show "Dukes of Hazzard." For you who don't know what theDukes of Hazzard show is here is a picture. As you may know muscle cars are the classics, like the Plymouth Road Runners. Daisy Duke drove one until Bo and Luke recked it and bought her a jeep. Sorry getting off toppic. The old cars body's were a metal block that they carved the body out. Chevy came out with the super sports in 1967 the Camaro. The Camaro was one of the fastest cars in the 70's however Corvette was abit faster.

The camaro is now known for looks or size. In 1969 the were known for speed and muscle. they are strong and fast car old and new Sting Rays.They are very fast cars and are made by chevy. Witch is American made cars. First one was made around the 50's the were built like tanks. like this one right here. But if you want a light car you would want a Ford Mustang. Their bodies have always been light. The Mustang is also American made, it's made by ford. Ford was started by Henry Ford. Not to long after that the Dodge brothers left the Ford company and made their own company.