Welcome to the online home of TLC/HCA: the Tree of Learning Child Academy and Hebron Christian Academy, ministries of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Hebron, IN.

This website was designed and built by HCA high school students as a special class project. Seven students with no previous web design experience (but with loads of enthusiasm) learned to write the HTML and CSS code that enables websites to appear on the internet.

The project has not been without a few hurdles along the way, but it has been a terrific learning experience.

Each student was assigned a specific grade or grades. They collected the photos and information about and by their respective teachers and classes that appears on those pages.

The students were given basic guidelines, but the physical appearance of their page was left entirely up to them. The biographies you'll read about each student were also composed entirely by them.

We're very proud of the progress the students have made and hope you enjoy their finished product.