Hello, and welcome to the Hebron Christian Academy website. The author of the 3rd and 4th grades page is Benjamin Cole. Ben is a sophomore at HCA, currently enjoying his time in an extracuricular website design class.

Ben is probably best known for his height. Standing 6'4" tall, he is head and shoulders above nearly all the other students. However he tries daily to humble himself and treats others as though they are above him. Ben strives to be friendly and respectful toward all the students and teachers at HCA but, like anyone, he has his moments of mischief.

Ben, along with several other students at HCA, has an extreme desire for the sport of basketball, and though he can't dunk (yet) he is working hard to become a great teammate and very capable player. His grades all usually rest above a 95%, and he finds most of his classes to be easy, but always accepts a good challenge.

An interesting note is that Ben acctually spent all his schooling up to 9th grade in a public school. It was at a large church event in Florida that he felt God tug at his heart to transfer from the public school system into the private school system, and that's how he became a student at HCA.